QU20101 1330F 10.25" Rear Axle Pinion Yoke for 1993-1997 Ford F-250, F-350 This yoke takes u-joints with 1-1/8" diameter cups which are held in place by optional QU40841 u-bolts (The yoke holes are NOT threaded). Length of pinion spline is approximately 1-41/64". Ford used this Ford Sterling 10.25" ring gear Rear Axle Pinion Yoke for 6 cylinder and small block V8 powered models from 1993 to 1997. Made in U.S.A. For 1993 to 1997 Diesel or 460 equipped models that have Yokes with threaded holes, see QU20102.

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Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 1:
QU20101 yoke is made to take universal joints made to special Spicer 1330F series external snap ring universal joint specifications. The u-joint cup diameter for the driveshaft yoke should be 1-1/16". The u-joint cup diameter for the pinion yoke should be 1-1/8" and the overall width of the universal joint should be 3-5/8". See TK40723 and QU40776 External Snap Ring Universal Joints

Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 2:
This 31 spline yoke has a length through the hole of 1-41/64" so it will fit late 10.25" rear axles, but it will not fit early (1985-1992) 10.25" short pinion Ford axles. See QU20029 for a short spline Pinion Yoke.

Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 3:
When replacing an old pinion yoke, always replace the pinion seal, pinion nut, and crush sleeve. Replace the u-joint strap kit and outer pinion slinger as needed. Order these matching parts separately:
QU40841 U-joint Strap and Bolt Kit
QU20050 Pinion Seal
QU20002 Pinion Nut
QU20003 Outer Pinion Slinger
QU20000 Crush Sleeve

1330F Long Spline Pinion Yoke for Ford 10.25" Rear Axle

Ford F-250, F-350 1993-1997 with 6 cylinder or small block V8