QU30139 GM Dana 60 SRW Hub and Rotor Assembly is a New Old Stock (NOS) genuine GM internally splined front Hub and Rotor assembly for Dana 60 front axles on all 1977-1991 Chevy and GMC K30/K35/K3500/V3500 1 ton Single Rear Wheel (SRW) 4x4 trucks. QU30139 includes assembled hub and rotor with eight 9/16" wheel bolts plus factory installed QU50396 and QU50411 Timken® Bearing Cups. Made in U.S.A. Limited Supply!

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Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 1:
GM used different Dana 60 hub and rotor assemblies for SRW and DRW trucks. The wheel hub castings are quite different, but both types use the same spindles, axle shafts, and brakes. If you wish to convert a Dana 60 dually front axle to take single rear wheel type wheels, all you need to do is swap your original dually type hubs for a pair of QU30139 hubs.

Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 2:
Matching Parts for QU30139 Chevy/GMC Splined Front Wheel Hub and Rotor:
QU40119 Wheel Seal
QU50412 Outer Wheel Bearing
QU50398 Inner Wheel Bearing
QU40293C Spindle
QK4729 Spindle Nut Kit
QU90018 Protection ES Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease
QT1505 Wheel Seal Installer
QT1100 Driver Handle for Installers
QT1018 and QT1110 4 Lug Spindle Nut Sockets

One Dana 60 SRW Hub and Rotor for 1977-1991 GM 1 Ton
Two Dana 60 SRW Hub and Rotors for 1977-1991 GM 1 Ton
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