QU40214 Dana 44 Differential Cover Gasket is a genuine original equipment Dana Gasket for all Dana-Spicer Model 44 axles. Can be used instead of or in conjunction with RTV sealant. Genuine Dana gasket is precision cut from high grade, crush resistant gasket material with clean die cuts specifically for the Dana 44 series axles. Made in U.S.A.

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Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note:
Older Dana 44 diff covers up to the mid 1970's are made with embossed flanges and are designed for use with a cover gasket. Later production axles have heavier gauge covers with flat flanges that were factory sealed with RTV Sealant. With the later covers, a paper gasket is optional. I always liked to use a gasket with just a thin film of RTV sealant on each side. It makes a fool-proof seal, plus the clean up is a breeze at the next axle service.
Dana 44 Differential Cover Gasket