QU50583C Rear Differential Bearing and Seal Kit for Chevy and GMC 2500 and 3500 series trucks with American Axle Manufacturing, AAM 1150, 14 Bolt, 11-1/2" Ring Gear, Full Float Rear Axles features first class Timken® Differential and Pinion Bearings, Pinion Seal, Pinion Nut, Crush Sleeve, Gear Marking Compound, Threadlocker, and RTV Sealant. This Kit, plus two QU30108 axle shaft flange gaskets are usually all the parts needed when you are doing a simple diff rebearing job and not replacing your Ring and Pinion Set or repacking/replacing the wheel bearings.

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Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 1:
The Pinion Seal included with this Kit is a good quality aftermarket part. For a Premium Original Equipment Quality Pinion Seal for your 1973-1987 truck, order optional QU30114 Seal.

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 2:
Inspect your pinion flange hub for wear or damage in the area where the seal rides. Replace any any flange that has significant grooving or other conditions that could wreck or prematurely wear your new seal.

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 3:
QU50583 Diff Bearing and Seal Kit Includes:
QU50697 Replacement Pinion Seal
QU11098 Crush Sleeve (Collapsible Pinion Preload Spacer)
QU11097 Pinion Nut
QU50404 Timken® Outer Pinion Bearing Cup
QU50405 Timken® Outer Pinion Bearing
QU50409 Timken® Inner Pinion Bearing Cup
QU50410 Timken® Inner Pinion Bearing
(2) QU50625 Timken® Differential Side Bearing Cup
(2) QU50684 Timken® Differential Side Bearing
Plus 1 Each Gear Marking Compound, Threadlocker, RTV Sealant, Small Brush

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 4:
Matching Parts for QU50583 Differential Bearing and Seal Set:
QU50708 Ring Gear Bolt (replace Ring Gear Bolts any time you remove the ring gear from the diff case)
QU11096 Basic Pinion Depth Shim Kit
TBA: Differential Cover Gasket
QU30108 Axle Shaft Flange Gasket
TBA: Rear Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit 2001-2010
TBA: Rear Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit 2011-up
QU30109 Spindle Nut Retainer Ring
QU30110 Spindle Nut Lock Key
QU30111 Spindle Nut
QU30114 Optional Premium Quality Pinion Seal
QT1025 Wheel Bearing Nut Adjusting Tool
QT1004 Inner Pinion Bearing Installer
QT1801 Outer Pinion Bearing Cup Installer
QT1806 Inner Bearing Cup Installer

Diff Bearing and Seal Kit for GM AAM 1150 Rear Axle